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Land for Shoal Creek Bridge Approved!

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The Grove Will Build A Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge Across Shoal Creek

Following the Governor’s Signature, State Land is Granted to the City of Austin for the Bridge. KVUE video below. Grove coverage begins at 1:22.

Austin, TX — July 5, 2019 — Plans to construct a new pedestrian and bicycle bridge over Shoal Creek will move forward after the City of Austin obtained a crucial easement to allow one side of the bridge to be built on state-owned property.

The bridge, which will be approximately 180’ long and 10-12’ wide, will create a new, more convenient and safer connection for pedestrians, cyclists and runners to cross Shoal Creek and access the future public parks at The Grove.

The Grove will finance the construction of the bridge, and it will become an asset of the Austin Parks and Recreation Department upon completion. 

The easement was granted after Governor Greg Abbott signed House Bill 2977 and House Bill 2978.

House Bill 2977 allowed the State of Texas to create land credits to exchange with the City of Austin. House Bills 2978 transfers the site of the future bridge from the State of Texas to the City of Austin. The bills were authored by Sen. Kirk Watson, D-Austin, and Rep. Donna Howard, D-Austin.

Construction is underway at the 75-acre, mixed-use development located at the intersection of 45th Street and Bull Creek Road. Single-family homes and townhomes are currently for sale, and The Grove is expected to have its first residents this summer.

“We are excited to build a pedestrian bridge at The Grove, which will provide a critical link in the City’s multimodal transportation network, and connect the Shoal Creek Trail on the east side of Shoal Creek with neighborhoods and bicycle infrastructure west of the creek. It will also provide convenient pedestrian and bicycle connectivity for neighbors and trail users to access the shopping, dining, activities, and 20 acres of parks and open space available at The Grove,” said Garrett Martin, Co-Developer of The Grove at Shoal Creek.”

For more information about The Grove, please visit The Grove Store at 1818 W. 35th Street or call (512) 360-0601.